Hanging of wallpaper

Various types of wallpaper are available nowadays. After doing a market research, I have concluded that paper wallpaper is preferred in Latvia, while glass fibre wallpaper is more popular in Norway. Of course, every customer should choose what he or she prefers. Let me briefly explain the difference between paper wallpaper and glass fibre wallpaper.  The offer of paper wallpaper is very vast: colours, ornaments, paper thickness, width, length. One is confused and a lot of time is spent for choosing the one. Considering the vast variety of paper wallpaper, each type requires a different approach. Before hanging paper wallpaper, walls must definitely be treated, smoothed to eliminate any holes and rough places. There are specific types requiring priming with the colour of the wallpaper surface prior to hanging the wallpaper, smoothing with cloth only, etc. I have considerable experience in hanging glass fibre wallpaper.  This wallpaper does not have any ornaments and has a layer of a primer, thus there is less dust in the room during repair works. Glass fibre wallpaper add extra strength to the wall, hide micro cracks and delay formation of new cracks. They breath and therefore improve the micro climate in the room. Select the best for yourself to be able to enjoy the view for years!

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