Puttying works

For achieving good quality of works, it is very important to choose the correct materials ofr interior finish works. Correct preparation of the surface for painting is among the most essential factors. For attaining perfect result, I offer tested filling material to my customers to avoid formation of cracks, air bubbles and other defects. For ensuring that seams are resistant to formation of cracks I use the top quality paper tape. Based on my experience I can say that professionally made seams are always reinforced with paper seam tape.  I am convinced that a paper tape is much more effective for preventing cracks than mesh which is so much used in construction in Latvia. The structure of a paper tape does not allow seeing cracks which result from settling of the house foundation, as paper as such is not transparent. However, when cracks form under mesh they can become visible straight away. Producers offer several types of fillers intended for different surfaces and different scopes of work. After having tested several types of products, for achieving high quality of work,  in small rooms I use TapeTech finish boxes for filling seams, finish with a filler roll and finally apply the finish filler for walls and ceilings. In larger scale projects I use TapeTech bazooka for application of a paper tape, TapeTech finish boxes for filling seams and Graco filler blowing machines for production of the last layer of filler. I also specialise in installation of external corners, however, the corners I offer are only intended for drywalls. For working on rough plaster walls I use two types of fillers by making assessment first, in order to understand what material has been used for filling walls. If rough grain filler has been used, I assume it will be necessary to apply an additional filler layer, I apply a layer of 1-3 mm for smoothing walls and achieving the desired result. My motto is that prior to starting my work I always check if walls are straight, if internal and external corners are straight, so that I can deliver top quality in my work.

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