Painting works

It will always be pleasant to be in rooms where painting work has been done professionally. Painting works consist of several actions. Of course, selection of a colour is a very important factor to be able to feel one's own aura when living in the rooms later. Still, prior to applying paint certain preparatory works need to be completed. Prior to painting it is necessary to prime the walls, as this balances the base and prevents soaking of moisture. Following application of the priming layer also all the little defects become visible and are corrected. Paint can be applied more evenly on a primed surface, thus reducing the needed quantity of paint.  When little defects are eliminated, I polish all the walls and ceilings again lightly by using a polish board. Now painting of walls and ceilings can be started. I use two methods for applying the first paint layer. In small sites I apply paint with a roller, but at biggest scale sites I use a painting machine. The correct choice of a product is very important, because, for example, when construction works are continued at a site, walls and ceilings are exposed to a risk of damage during installation of corners or laths. In order to be able to eliminate any defects, it is important that walls are painted with high quality paint, as in the contrary case there a risk that colour may differ when paint is applied on small spots for correcting defects. When the last paint layer is applied, I use tapes for making lines. I can apply acrylic in corners when a customer wishes to do it. I use only top quality paints in my work!

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